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Why are More and More American Jews Buying Apartments in Israel?

Some aren't willing to give up on the holiday spirit in the Eretz Hakodesh during the holidays; others visit Israel to spend time with their family; and yes, there are those that, for them, acquiring a piece of real estate in Israel is simply a smart investment. Why is there a growing trend of American Jews holding a property in Israel? All the details are laid out in this article.

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A Real Estate Attraction for American Jews | Andromeda Hill

One of the most exciting moments for American Jews is the moment when they land in Israel. Some do this several times a year and some once every few years. However, it turns out that many of them are not content with just visiting. They want the full experience – to own a home in Israel, and rightly so.
"When the kids were young, we came to Israel in the holidays and the summer to visit my family," says Rafi, an Israeli who has lived with his wife Rachel in Los Angeles for many years. "But now, as they grow up, things have changed. Three years ago, our son decided to immigrate to Israel and serve in the IDF. He is to be honorably discharged soon and already enrolled to study in Tel Aviv; thus, we have been visiting Israel more often since then. Our daughter recently visited Israel on "Birthright" and will also serve in the IDF next year".

"This year we decided to buy an apartment in the country," Rachel adds. "In the meantime, our son will live in it and we will be staying there every time we arrive in Israel. In four years, we plan to immigrate to Israel as well, so knowing that we have a home already is very heart-warming".

In addition to the sentimental value and the strong attachment that holding an apartment in Israel gives, Rafi and his family, like many Jews living abroad, understand as well the economic value of buying real estate in Israel – a country that is on an ongoing and constant race of technological and business development. With a growing economy and a multitude of investment opportunities in a variety of fields, such as start-ups, business ventures, finance, science, and medicine, which are yielding a growing real estate return, Israel presents an opportunity to American Jews.

“When we arrived in Israel during the holidays, we searched for an apartment in the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and did a tour of the new Andromeda Reborn project”, recalls Rafi. “We immediately fell in love with the project. We also realized that quite a few families in the US are interested in the project or have already purchased apartments there. We loved the sense of community in this complex. It made us decide that we wanted to be part of this community and to enjoy all the luxuries this project has to offer”.

The Andromeda Reborn Project, the Favorite of American Jews
"We have recently received a lot of inquiries from Jews and Israelis who live in the US and have heard about the Andromeda Reborn project," says Elimor Gertzman – the project's Sales Manager. "A few are buying an apartment in the projects for their children while others some are buying an apartment, knowing that owning an apartment in the country will help them in the future upon deciding to return to Israel. The heart of Jaffa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and beloved places in Tel Aviv and is very close to the city center", he adds.

"The apartments in the project are spacious and prestigious and built to the highest standard in Israel. The Jews who emigrate from the US are very fond of this modern style and living space, so we made sure the interior design fit their needs".
"One simply cannot ignore the many benefits property owners enjoy in the project. The complex was built on a hit that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the port. The combination of a modern construction and an area with a history and heritage that span thousands of years produces unique exotica that is reserved only for a few cities in the world. The community is pluralistic and culturally diverse, the constructions standards are high, the entrepreneurs involved are among the best in the industry, and the residential facilities create a sense of an endless vacation".

A breathtaking view and all the luxuries you can imagine
A breathtaking view and all the luxuries you can imagine
A breathtaking view and all the luxuries you can imagine
A breathtaking view and all the luxuries you can imagine
A breathtaking view and all the luxuries you can imagine

High Standard Luxury Apartments Facing the Breathtaking Sea Views
Andromeda Hill was built in the early 1990s as a closed, upscale, and exclusive complex in the heart of Old Jaffa. The complex was designed in a Romantic Mediterranean style with arches, squares and internal alleyways, fountains and aqueducts, gardens, and fruit trees, with the sea being visible from every area.
The Andromeda Reborn project is the new and final phase of the prestigious complex. It was built in the most beautiful place in Old Jaffa, on a cliff 26 meters above sea level, in front of the Andromeda rock and Jaffa’s old fishing port.
55 spacious apartments in two eight-story buildings, including six residential and two basement floors, designated for private parking and storerooms for the convenience of the tenants, were designed for this project. The project offers a variety of 2 to 5 room apartments with all the luxuries you can imagine, in addition to well-kept garden apartments and large duplexes. All the balconies are panoramic and face the open landscape with most of them facing the sea.

The exclusive range of services includes a wide swimming pool with clean, non-chlorinated groundwater at a constant temperature of 24 degrees all year, a spa, health and fitness complex, a café, a residents’ club, and a management and security company available to tenants 24 hours a day.
Within walking distance of Andromeda Reborn are the alleys of Old Jaffa, including galleries, cafes, and restaurants. In the nearby Jaffa Port, one could find a variety of restaurants and fresh seafood. The colorful flea market in the area offers a variety of dishes and flavors and turns into an entertainment area in the evening. This is joined by the historic buildings of Jaffa, and of course – the charming new promenade of Tel Aviv that almost reaches the gate of the complex.

Closed projects of such high standard are rare in Israel. This is probably why many of Andromeda Reborn apartments have been sold to American Jews, who are accustomed to a large, well-equipped, and protected living space..

In conclusion, anyone who owns an apartment in such a sought-after project enjoys a promising real estate investment with high annual betterment and yield. However, this is not the real issue. Owning a property in Israel is not just owning a property. It's a connection to our heritage and origin. It is to know that someday, whatever the reason, we have a place to return to. That is because an asset in Israel is not simply an asset; it's a home.

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.Find out more about the Andromeda Reborn luxury project

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